Clinics and Services

Antenatal Clinics

We will be running antenatal clinics. If you know you are pregnant, please arrange to see a midwife.

Family Planning

A full range of family planning services are available.

Flu Vaccination

Flu vaccinations are offered to all patients aged 65 and over and for adults and children who have:

  • Lung disease, including those with asthma who have had drug treatment within the past 3 years.
  • Chronic heart disease, chronic kidney disease, chronic liver disease, chronic neurological disease, people with suppressed immune system due to illness or treatment of diabetes.

We will be advertising the service during September each year and will contact those registered patients who fall into the categories mentioned. If you feel you should be offered a flu vaccine, please speak to a member of the reception team.

Cervical Smears

Cervical screening can prevent cancer of the cervix by finding and identifying any abnormal cell changes. Regular smear tests can save your life.

If you require a smear, please request an appointment and we can make a longer appointment for you.

Cervical smears are given to women aged 25 and over every 3 years then every 5 years to women aged over 50. We will send out automatic reminders to our registered patients.


It is very important to make sure that children continue to be protected from infections such as measles, mumps and rubella. Immunisations are carried out by the practice nurse and reception can provide information regarding the correct age to administer different childhood immunisations.

Additional Services

Enhanced Services